About the Malibu WWA Rider Experience

The Malibu WWA Rider Experience is a series of regionally placed amateur events around the US for all WWA amateur divisions and Jr. Pro Men’s.

2015 WWA Wakeboard National Championships Qualification rules:

All riders must compete in their respective WWA Regional Championships to be invited to the 2015 WWA Wakeboard National Championships (Boat Only).

Boys ages 10-13 – Anything goes
Boys Beginner ages 10-13 – No inverts or spins over 180
Junior Boys ages 9 and under – Anything goes
Junior Boys Beginner ages 9 and under – No inverts or spins over 180
Junior Pro Men ages 14-18
Junior Men Ages 14-18
Men’s I ages 19-24
Men’s II ages 25-29
Masters ages 30-39
Veterans ages 40 and over
Junior Girls ages 9 & under
Girls ages 10-13
Junior Women ages 14-18
Amateur Women ages 19-29
Masters Women ages 30- 39
Veterans Women ages 40 and over
Amateur Wakeskate any age
Women Wakeskate
Adaptive Sitboarding
Adaptive Standing
Pro Veterans

The top three (3) riders from each full field division (divisions with 3 or more riders) of each of the 2015 Nautique Wake Series events will automatically receive an invitation to the 2015 WWA Wakeboard National Championships. This does NOT release the rider from mandatory participation of their respective WWA Regional Championships.

The 2015 WWA Wakeboard National Championships will be capped and open by invitation only. The WWA reserves the right to open invitations to fill the field of any and all divisions not considered full as of July 10, 2015 5 pm EST

Seeding- For all amateur divisions the 2014 WWA Wakeboard National Champion will be the top seat in their respective division. Seating will then be based off the Regional Championships results.



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Pro Card:
Before the development of the WWA Pro Card, professional qualifying guidelines were vague, at best; it was up to the individual rider to choose “pro” or “amateur” status in any competition. While this was clearly a benefit to the Amateur to compete in a Pro event, it also allowed riders with less advanced skills to compete against the world elite in the same contest, diluting the talent pool; there simply was no clear distinction. The all-new WWA Pro Card, renewed annually based on WWA World Rankings, legitimizes elite-level riders that are truly professional and encourages them — regardless of wakeboard (boat) or wake park (Cable) – to set a higher standard of riding at professional contests. Visit WWAProCard.com for more information.

Freeride Fridays:
The Freeride sessions are focused on the riders getting a chance to practice behind the towboat the day before the event. Each rider will get at least a couple passes down the lake to practice their run or just have some fun and “freeride”. Malibu Boats pro team athletes will be on hand at each of the events to offer tips and encouragement to each of the riders that come out. All attendees will get the opportunity to watch the Malibu Pro Team in action throughout the day.

Judges Experience/Rider Development:
Is a time to connect with riders, parents and local volunteers to the sport of Wakeboarding. The 1 +/- hour during the Freeride day will feature top WWA officials explaining everything from how judging works and what judges are looking for in competitive wakeboarding. It will also help riders and parents set up good competition runs to better each riders overall tournament experience. This is a great opportunity to enlist parents and other volunteers to shadow judge the event while encouraging them to assist at other events in their area. The ultimate goal is to give people a level of comfort with the sport to become more involved in their own wakeboard community.

Regional Championships:
Ever wanted to own a championship title versus the best riders in your region?… Now you have your chance. In the WWA Wakeboard Regional Championships, held in conjunction with the Rider Experience, you’ll be able to compete against age appropriate riders in an opportunity to take the cake. See 2015 WWA Wakeboard National Championships Qualification Rules for qualification. Riding will be going down behind the new Malibu WAKESETTER MXZ 22, so you’ll know the wake will be perfect for all divisions.

Wakesurf Experience:
Is exactly what it says! The WWA is moving more into wakesurf every year with local events across the country. The Rider Experience makes it a perfect venue to introduce more people to this sport. To make the experience better, lets end the weekend with everyone just hanging out wakesurfing in a non competitive environment. This is the beginning steps of growing wakesurfing from the bottom up and establishing a strong support from local riders.

Please email membership@TheWWA.com in regards to the WWA Rider Experience.

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  1. Would love to participate and ride behind the most innovative Ski boat around. Would love to surf and get trick tips. As well as, helping out on and off the water for the event. Sounds like a blast!

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